Mobile Kitchens Refrigerators and Freezers

CMK offers short-termĀ refrigerated trailerĀ solutions for use during kitchen remodels, large events, and emergency situations. Our attractive easy-to-use units can be placed directly behind the kitchen; offering safe and convenient product storage. With the largest electric powered refrigeration fleet in North America, CMK has the ability to serve refrigeration/Freezer needs of any size or scope.

Freestanding walk-in units, providing a safe work environment and easy access to product. Plus, our compact footprint can fit within the boundaries of one single parking space and operate off a simple 110V electrical connection. No loud generators and no diesel fumes! With both short and long term rental options, CMK is the perfect option for your next project.

*Exceed Health Department & OSHA Standards

*Immediate Availability

*Place Units on any Surface

*Clean Professional Appearance

*Quiet & Efficient Operation

*Bright Interior Lighting