Proper Cleaning Methods for Mobile Food Operations

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Proper Cleaning Methods for Mobile Food Operations

–Mobile kitchens are taking the nation by storm as busy consumers look for unique, healthy, and quick dining options on the go. In a recent report released by California Mobile Kitchens, the dangers of unsanitary practices are addressed.

The mobile kitchen experts at California Mobile Kitchens recommend that stringent cleaning and storing procedures be implemented in mobile kitchens.

It is the responsibility of mobile kitchen renters to create cleaning protocols and follow up with mobile kitchen staff to ensure they are complying with cleaning best practices to prevent the likelihood of foodborne illness.

California Mobile Kitchen, the region’s leading supplier of mobile kitchens, described the top three food safety practices that all mobile kitchen operators and staff should adhere to:

Clean all day, throughout the day. Mobile kitchen operators can often experience lunch and dinner crowds like no other, often leaving no time to clean prepping counters, stove tops, and grilling surfaces between orders. All cooking surfaces should be cleaned every cooking shift. This includes brushing the grill between cooking poultry, fish, and red meat as well as switching cutting boards and empty trash at least once every two hours.

Don’t forget the same appliances. Can openers, coolers, and even unused (but exposed) utensils should be washed after every shift. Even if the utensil was not used, if it was left near or around raw meats, they should be sanitized before using. Can openers are small vacuums of food particles and bacteria. Having several of each small appliance is advised to allow for proper cleaning and drying of used utensils.

Do a weekly truck scrub down. In addition to daily maintenance cleanings, California Mobile Kitchens strongly recommends doing a complete and more thorough washing of the entire mobile kitchen, including washing all exterior areas as well. The most common items that should be added to a cleaning regime to ensure that a mobile kitchen is as clean as it can and needs to be are to:

● Empty, wash and sanitize all coolers that store food and drinks
● Scrub to remove lime on all sinks and faucets
● Empty and clean coffee machines
● Remove baking racks and clean as directed by the manufacturer’s recommendations
● Gently clean and all oil cast-iron cookware
● Wash behind ovens and fryers to cut down on grease and dust buildup
● Check and clean freezers that store meat
● Empty and sanitize ice machines (this can be done every 10-14 days)

For more mobile kitchen advice or to inquire about renting a mobile kitchen, contact the mobile kitchen experts at California Mobile Kitchens at (805) 459-1254.