I am with the Gilroy Garlic Festival, we have a vendor that serves the Famous Garlic Ice Cream and has been for 34 years. In the past this vendor has been able to prepare and serve their ice cream out of a food booth like all other food vendors. This past year we were required to have this particular boot serve this ice cream out of an “approved mobile kitchen”. We were notified of the new requirement about a month before the festival. I started the search and within a day or so of looking at Food Trucks and Trailers from New Jersey to Los Angeles I found MedCorp Food Services in Paso Robles. I spoke with Tommy Medeiros for a few minuets to explain the new requirements he was very confident he could meet or exceed our need. He was very familiar with the needs of the health Department which was a big relief. It took less than a day for MedCorp to send us a bid that was very acceptable for our non-profit organization. The customer service all the way through the process was amazing. The trailer exceeded our expectations as promised, it was very well equipped, very clean, all the installed equipment worked like a champ. The delivery and pick-up was scheduled and executed and promised. As I said the Customer Service was the best! We will be using the same Mobile Kitchen again this year.

Hugh Davis, Gilroy Garlic Festival