Virginia Mobile Kitchens Help Start Up Catering and Community Food Programs

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Virginia Mobile Kitchens Help Start Up Catering and Community Food Programs

Mobile kitchens in Virginia are supporting community food programs, disaster relief, catering and chef business, and emergency relief. As a national leader in mobile kitchen solutions California Mobile Kitchens (CMK) is ready to meet the unique demand for mobile kitchens in Virginia.

CMK is the nation’s most accessible, cost effective and customer oriented provider of mobile kitchens. The company’s 24-hour customer service can deliver the appropriate mobile kitchen and support units when and where they are needed. CMK stations mobile equipment at various strategic locations throughout the United States and match any project with the best and closest equipment to the delivery location.

Virginia’s cottage food processing regulations make mobile kitchens a possibility for a catering start-up. Some of the restrictions on home operated food businesses, such as no pets in the home or not allowing the commercial preparation of meals containing meat, can discourage someone from turning their grandmother’s prize recipes into a business. The shortage of commercial kitchens in some communities might be another obstacle. Depending on local laws, Virginia mobile kitchens from CMK can be a solution for a start-up chef to participate in Virginia’s $16.8 billion restaurant industry.

In a recent report, the Virginia Cooperative Extension points out that the growing demand for locally produced food has created opportunities for communities and entrepreneurs in the areas of food preparation, food processing, and innovative educational approaches.

In 2015 Feeding America determined that 10-percent of Virginians did not have reliable access to sufficient, affordable, and nutritious food. That percentage climbed to 15-percent in cities. Virginia has several active community food programs operating throughout the state, focusing on delivering nutritious food to those in need and in education to help create sustainable food systems, access to food and better understanding about nutrition.

Mobile kitchens in Virginia play an important role in feeding both survivors and relief crews in the aftermath of natural disasters. Along with mobile kitchens, CMK supplies portable showers, refrigeration and freezer units and generators to provide full support for disaster relief. In the past two years Virginia has experienced heavy flooding in 2017 and a severe storm in April 2018. Mobile kitchens, mobile showers, refrigerator/freezer units and mobile generators are an important part of emergency relief efforts, providing hot meals for relief crews and at evacuation centers.

CMK is the expert provider of mobile kitchens for all kinds of situations. Kitchens and support units can be fully equipped and delivered to any destination in Virginia.

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