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Over 30 Years Experience​

CMK is proud to provide the greatest level of service and the highest quality products to customers by providing temporary, state-of-the-art, high volume commercial kitchens.

With more than 25 years of combined experience in food service, our professionals help you face the greatest challenges and plan even the smallest details, all within your budget. CMK is the industry leader in mobile kitchen solutions, specializing in short and long term temporary mobile kitchen leasing.

WITH 24 HOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE, California Mobile Kitchens (CMK) is the industry leader in mobile kitchen solutions.

Need a Mobile Kitchen Rental for Special Events, Kitchen Renovations, Film Sets, Concert Events, Tours, or Emergency Situations, we are here to help you.

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Providing kitchens to the most difficult of locations. You can count on us to deliver your kitchen to any area you need.


Our support system is second to none. We are here always available for any and all issues to ensure your rental goes smoothly.

Our Trailers

mobile kitchen
RT-12A - 12ft Refrigeration Trailer
mobile kitchen
RT-12B - 12ft Refrigeration Trailer
mobile kitchen
RT-12C - 12ft Refrigeration Trailer
RT-16A - 16ft Refrigeration Trailer
mobile kitchen
KT-20A - 20ft Kitchen Trailer
KT-20B - 20ft Kitchen Trailer
mobile kitchens
KT-30A - 30ft Kitchen Trailer
Mobile Kitchen, CA
KT-32A - 32ft Kitchen Trailer
KT-32B - 32ft Kitchen Trailer
KT-32C Kitchen Unit
KT-32C - 32ft Kitchen Trailer
KT-32D - 32ft Kitchen Trailer
KT-32E - 32ft Kitchen Trailer
KT-32F - 32ft Kitchen Trailer
KT-32G - 32ft Kitchen Trailer
mobile kitchens, USA
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Some of Our Clients Saying About Us

Our extensive expertise will make sure that yours is a SUCCESS STORY once again!

I am with the Gilroy Garlic Festival, we have a vendor that serves the Famous Garlic Ice Cream and has been for 34 years. In the past this vendor has been able to prepare and serve their ice cream out of a food booth like all other food vendors. This past year we were required…

Hugh Davis, Gilroy Garlic Festival

We used a Califonia Mobile Kitchens trailer while undergoing construction in our facility’s kitchen, and had an exceptional experience. A health inspector came to review our food service plan and was very impressed with the trailer itself. Finding it clean, well equipped and professional, she approved our plan and allowed us to proceed, primarily because…

Vicky Lopez, RD Willow Glen Center San Jose, CA

I had the pleasure of having California Mobile Kitchens at my daughters quince. I just have to say that their staff is amazing. Andrew has an exceptional personality and he is made for the hospitality business. I know that whoever uses California Mobile Kitchens will have an outstanding experience. They are an approved mobile kitchen…

Christian L.

First and foremost the people make the business and Andrew did an amazing job guiding me through all the kitchen supplies I would need for my event, through my conversation with Andrew it was his years of experience as a chef the led him to be able to guide me through what I was going…

Rory L.

Professional and knowledgeable. Andrew answered all my questions and was very helpful through the whole process. Will definitely be doing business again.

Andrew P.

Easy great service. School kitchen flooded and easily transitioned and kept all 480 students fed. Hopefully under different circumstances, but would absolutely reccomend. Thank you.

Roxy R.

They have great customer service! Very easy to work with. Would definitely use them again.

Jason S.

California Kitchens is very professional and easy to work with, they accommodated all my needs. The kitchens are very clean and have everything you would need to be mobile. I would highly recommend them

Linda K.

Great service and the facility was VERY clean ! I had such a great experience with them. I highly recommend using California Mobile Kitchens for anyone’s upcoming events .

Cassie N.

Very clean and Professional Service!!! I will definitely keep them in mind for next time for sure! Thank you.

John A.

Great experience with these guys! A very talented and creative group!

Tanje A.

Nothing but class. Would recommend CMK to anyone I know.

Luke P.

Wonderful addition to our event. Very happy with turnout


I’ve worked with Tommy and his company for many years. They provide great customer service and competitive pricing.

Keith Y.

Service was awesome and facility was super clean. I’d go back.

Tyler H.

Great customer service and sanitation

Dre A.