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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets CMK Apart?

Quality & Experience

With more than 25 years of combined experience in food service, our professionals help you face the greatest challenges and plan even the smallest details, all within your budget. CMK is the industry leader in mobile kitchen solutions, specializing in short and long term temporary kitchen leasing.

Unmatched Versatility

At CMK, we custom manufacture each and every kitchen for our customers to meet their exact needs.  Whether your requirement is for a purchase or rental, our unique design gives us the ability to provide you with a choice of over 1,000 pieces of food service equipment for your specific trailer requirements.

How long does it take to setup the equipment?

Setup time depends upon many factors. There are several questions you should ask yourself. How many pieces of equipment does your project require? What utilities are available on your site? How far are the utilities from the equipment? How much modification will the utilities require if any to run the equipment properly? Is the ground where the equipment will be placed, dry, compact and level? Simpler jobs with one or two pieces of equipment generally may take a few hours to a full day to setup. While more complex jobs generally may take a few days or up to a week to setup.

How much space is needed to setup the equipment?

Mobile kitchens and support trailers range in size. Generally the lengths of our units are between 20 ft. up to 53 ft. The widths of the trailers are generally 8 Ft. It is important that your site has enough available space to maneuver and position the units. Again, dry, compact, and level ground is required. Also clearance above the trailers is required. A maximum height of 13’6″ is needed for most units. If your project requires multiple units, be sure to take this into account when calculating your spatial requirements.

What mobile kitchen and equipment is the best for my project?

There are a number of factors that need to be considered in determining what equipment is best for you. Some of these factors include your menu, the volume of meals served per meal period, the number of people in your kitchen staff, the duration of your project, available dry/compact level ground on your site, your available refrigeration, freezer and dry storage space, and your budget. Rest assured, we will taylor a mobile kitchen and/or support trailer solution that’s best for you.

What permits are required in order to use a mobile kitchen for my project?

Permits differ in each state, county, and municipality. You need to contact your Local Health Department, Fire Marshal, and Building Department. Let them know of your project situation and they will let you know of any special requirements. Generally, you will have to apply for a permit and be subject to an inspection after equipment setup.

How much does it cost to lease the equipment?

The costs are calculated based on the sizes of the mobile kitchen and/or support equipment needed, the total number of units needed, the number of meals to be served, the rental period for the equipment, the delivery and return mileage of the equipment, the technical support and setup needed based on the specifics and size of your project, and any applicable site survey needed.

Where is the equipment delivered from?

Our corporate headquarters is located in Paso Robles, California. All of the mobile kitchens and support equipment in our fleet are in a constant state of flux, being delivered to new projects around the country, coming off of jobs, and being maintained in our yards. We have mobile equipment stationed at various locations throughout the United States. When you are ready for temporary equipment, contact us and we will match your project with the best available and closest equipment to your delivery location.

To order a California Mobile Kitchen call: (805) 459-1254