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Kitchen Trailers

Our Mobile Kitchen Trailers
Disaster Relief, Kitchen Remodels, Schools, Hospitals, Movie Sets & Music Festivals

20 Foot Mobile Kitchen Trailer
20 Foot Mobile Kitchen Trailer

Dimensions 9ft x 25ft exterior (interior 170 sqft)
Feeding Capacity 1-300 per meal

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32 Foot Mobile Kitchen Trailer
32 Foot Mobile Kitchen Trailer

Dimensions 9ft x 38ft exterior (interior 272 sqft)
Feeding Capacity 1-1000 per meal

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California Mobile Kitchens (CMK) offers a range of trailer rentals, catering to various needs with sizes ranging from 20ft to 32ft. These trailers are designed to provide a versatile and fully equipped mobile kitchen solution for your specific requirements.

Whether you're hosting a food event, managing a temporary food service operation, or in need of additional kitchen space during renovations, CMK has you covered. Our trailer rentals are thoughtfully designed to meet the demands of professional chefs, culinary teams, and food entrepreneurs.

The trailers feature well-designed layouts that maximize functionality and efficiency. They come equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, including commercial-grade cooking equipment, refrigeration units, storage compartments, and workstations. The trailers are outfitted to meet the highest health and safety standards, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

CMK's trailer rentals offer the flexibility and mobility you need. They can be easily transported to your desired location, providing you with a fully functional kitchen on wheels. This convenience allows you to bring your culinary creations to various events, festivals, disaster relief, or any location where food service is required.

With CMK's trailer rentals, you can focus on your culinary endeavors without worrying about the logistics of setting up a kitchen. Our trailers are meticulously maintained, guaranteeing reliable performance throughout your rental period.

No matter the size of your operation or the scale of your event, CMK has a trailer rental that will suit your needs. Experience the convenience and functionality of our well-equipped trailers and elevate your culinary ventures to new heights.

Choose CMK for reliable, versatile, and fully equipped trailer rentals that will meet and exceed your mobile kitchen requirements.