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Mobile Kitchens Florida

Mobile Kitchens Florida

Whatever the need for a mobile kitchen in Florida, CMK can meet the demand for fully equipped mobile kitchens and mobile support units. We have mobile equipment stationed at various locations throughout the United States and match your project with the best and closest equipment to your delivery location. Our 24-hour customer service can provide the appropriate mobile kitchen, showers, refrigeration/freezer units and generators when and where you need them.

Whether you need a mobile kitchen for an event or festival, for disaster relief, on location for a film set, a special occasion, a mobile community kitchen or a temporary kitchen during repairs or remodeling, CMK is the nation’s most accessible, cost effective and customer oriented provider of mobile kitchens.

Mobile units from CMK, including fully equipped kitchens, showers, refrigerator/freezer units and generators, can be quickly delivered to aid relief efforts.

Hurricane and Tropical Storm Relief

The United States Congressional Budget Office (CBO), estimates that the average hurricane damage is $2.8 billion a year. Florida accounts for $1.5 billion, or 55-percent of those damage costs.

Although not always in the direct path of a hurricane, Florida receives billions of dollars in damage from hurricane associated tropical storms. Recovery and relief crews working after after natural disasters during and after storms are supported by by meals served from mobile kitchens. People who evacuate to safety are also often provided meals from mobile kitchens.

Florida Lifestyle, Fairs and Festivals

Florida has hundreds of miles of beaches, visited regularly by thousands of residents and visitors. The city of Miami is known for a vibrant Latin-American cultural influences, notable arts scene, and nightlife.

With a 20017 population of 20.98 million, Florida has the fourth fastest growth rate in the nation. The Sunshine State grows by nearly 1000 per day, including births and people relocating from elsewhere. The warm weather, beaches and other natural resources and cultural activities area big draw for new residents and the more than 100 million who visit each year.

Floridians celebrate their lifestyle and varied cultural resources by hosting an array of annual festivals throughout the year. From a strawberry-focused events to A-list parties, succulent seafood, Cuban flavors, the Key West Lobster Fest and the Key West Lime Fest, St. Petersburg Ribfest are just a handful. Fairs and livestock shows, arts and crafts expositions quirky local festivals fill out the annual calendar.

Fully equipped mobile kitchens from CMK are available for caterers and food vendors who work at any of Florida’s festivals, including festivals in Tallahassee, the state capital. Tallahassee festivals include the famous Tallahassee Brewfest, usually held in October, a two day book festival, Asian and Greek food and culture festivals, and the 10 day North Florida Fair, just to name a few.