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Mobile Kitchens Texas

Mobile Kitchens Texas

Mobile kitchens for Texas area available anytime and anywhere a kitchen, refrigeration or mobile shower is needed. As a national leader in mobile kitchen solutions CMK is ready to meet the rapidly growing demand for mobile kitchens in Texas and the entire United States. Our 24-hour customer service can provide you with the appropriate mobile kitchen and support units when and where you need them.

Whether you need a mobile kitchen for a special occasion, an event or festival, for disaster relief, on location for a film set, a mobile community kitchen, temporary kitchen during repairs or remodeling, CMK is the nation’s most accessible, cost effective and customer oriented provider of mobile kitchens.

We have mobile equipment stationed at various locations throughout the United States and match your project with the best and closest equipment to your delivery location.

Fairs and Festivals

Texans represent a mixture of people and cultures that have all influenced Texas food. It’s not all barbecue and Tex-Mex. Influences include Austrian, Cajun and Creole, German, Czech, Jewish, Moroccan, British, Chinese and Japanese.

A few of the festivals where one can find food from around the world that is homegrown in Texas include the Houston Japan Festival, DFW Africa Festival, the Original Greek Festival, India Fest, the Texas Lunar Festival celebrating Chinese New Year and food, a Turkish and Scottish fest, the Texas Folk life Festival and a Wurstfest.

A Texas mobile kitchen from CMK is the prefect way to showcase and share favorite recipes with the public. Even rodeo fans and bronc riders appreciate a tasty gyros from your grandmother’s recipe.

Supporting Military Field Exercises

Texas has close to 30 military bases, housing around 164,000 troops. Field training exercises usually include troops from other states as well as National Guard and can greatly increase the number of troops and support personnel that need to be fed.

The CMK Vice President, Tomas Medeiros, Jr., has run military dining operations, designed dining facilities for the US Army, US Navy, National Guard and the Federal Aviation Administration, including providing mobile kitchens for long-term military field training exercises. We apply this experience to the design and configuration of our mobile kitchens, mobile showers, refrigerators/freezers and generators.

Mobile kitchens from CMK come in range of sizes from 20 feet to 53 feet, sufficient to feed any number of troops. Refrigerator/freezer units, mobile showers and generators are also provided if needed.

Emergency Response

Texas has experienced many natural disasters, most recently Hurricane Harvey, resulting in $125 billion in damages. Over the past 10 years, Texas has survived Hurricane Ike in 2008, the Bastrop County Complex Fire in 2015 and the Memorial Day Flood in 2015, plus tornadoes and flooding.

CMK is always ready to deliver the mobile kitchens, showers, refrigerator/freezer units and generators that are necessary to support relief crews and those who have been evacuated to safety. We station our kitchens and support units strategically around the country so we can dispatch them to where they are needed as soon as possible.

About Texas

Texas is the largest state in the United States and has a 2017 reported population of 28.3 million. The capital, Austin, is known for its eclectic music scene and the LBJ Presidential Library.

The GPS coordinates for Austin, Texas are 30.2672° N, 97.7431° W.