Utilities Required for your Mobile Kitchen Utilities

Utilities Required for your Mobile Kitchen

Electrical Requirements:
220/Single Phase/100 Amp service. 4 wires needed. Your electrician will need to supply cable for this unit. (24so cable is recommended)

Gas SupplyGas Supply- Propane- LP Vapor Gas (for cooking appliances):
This trailer has a front mounted 100 gallon propane tank. You will need to coordinate with your local gas company for your gas supply. Have a representative from the gas company visit your location, upon delivery, to take a look at the tank. Set up a schedule with the gas company to have the tanks refilled as needed. The tank has a fuel gauge mounted on it. We will deliver this trailer with the tank pre-filled.

Fresh Water SupplyFresh Water Supply:
The Mobile Units have one standard garden hose/fresh water hose 3/4 inch fitting for your fresh water supply. You should have a fresh water source within 100 ft.- 150 ft. of the trailer.

Waste WaterWaste Water:
Can be handled in 2 ways. The best is to have your plumber set up a waste line with grease trap to drain into a nearby sewer. If this is not available you can have a local cesspool company set up approved waste tanks that are approximately 250-500 gallons each in a series of 3 or more. In this situation the tanks will need to be pumped weekly or 2 times a month or what ever your needs may be. You will also need a grease trap. If you don’t have one
already, you can get one through your local foodservice equipment company. They are fairly inexpensive. If you need assistance with finding local providers I would be happy to assist you.

This trailer in includes (1) set of entry/exit steps. It is the client’s responsibility to provide a contractor to build any necessary ADA approved ramps, steps and decking if needed to enter/ exit and maneuver around the mobile kitchen.

Client Responsibilities:
It is the client’s responsibility to provide a Dry, Level Compact Ground Surface suitable to hold a combined total weight of 60,000 pounds for the mobile kitchen trailer and tractor. A minimum of 14’ unobstructed Height Clearance above the entire 48 L ft. x 8 W ft. Tractor and Trailer combination is also required to maneuver, park, and setup the trailer, and is also the client’s responsibility. The client is also responsible to supply a commercial delivery route to the drop off site that can handle the weight, height and size requirements of the tractor and trailer combination.

The client is responsible for all permits, licenses, and fees. It is your responsibility to contact your Local Health Department, Fire Marshal, Building Inspectors, etc. and obtain the necessary permits and licenses to operate the mobile kitchen during your lease period. We suggest that you notify them in advance to let them know of your project situation and find out if they have any special requirements.