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Colorado mobile kitchens meet the challenges of community food programs

Mobile kitchens in Arizona are revolutionizing catering services

Mobile kitchens in Arizona are revolutionizing catering services

Mobile kitchens for Arizona caterers, or for caterers anywhere, can revolutionize the catering business by removing or reducing quite a few of the challenges. Some of the top challenges facing caterers include:

  • Competition
  • Local laws
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Finances

A mobile kitchen can add a dimension of success to overcoming these challenges that is not available with conventional catering practices.


The most common strategy to having an edge over the competition is meet a need the competition is not meeting. Many caterers approach this by offering a unique menu, and additional services such as event planning. Adding other services might be competitive, but it also stretches resources, especially time.

In a typical catering scenario, the food must be prepared enough ahead of time to arrive at the venue at the right temperature, especially for hot dishes. Some venues may have a kitchen available for a caterer, for a fee and with the requirement that the kitchen is left spotless after the event. Some of these kitchens provide pots, pans, and utensils, some don’t.

Adding a mobile kitchen gives caterers and edge for growing a new business or expanding an existing business. Mobile kitchens from California Mobile Kitchens come fully equipped with everything needed, pots, pans, utensils, you name it. Arizona mobile kitchens meet the commercial kitchen requirements with most jurisdictions.

A mobile kitchen gives caterers the flexibility to take on more than one catering job at a time. Deliver prepared food and a crew to one venue, then drive to the next venue where food can be prepared on the spot.

Owning or leasing a mobile kitchen in the appropriate size for your needs gives you an edge over the competition because the constraints of delivering food are removed. The logistics associated with using a commercial kitchen either at the venue or elsewhere are removed. And you have the added flexibility to cater any event anywhere, Especially suited for Arizona, mobile kitchens can be transported anywhere they are needed.

Local laws

Most towns and counties require that food served by caterers be prepared in a commercial kitchen. Leasing a commercial kitchen comes with the same barriers as the kitchen at the venue, There are lease fees involved, the kitchen may require you to supply all of your own preparation and cooking utensils, and you need a clean-up crew to return the kitchen to the condition it was when you arrived. There is always the possibility that the kitchen was not inspected between uses and you either have to clean before using it, or are confronted about a mess that the person who followed you left behind.

Your own mobile kitchen eliminates these hassles. Since you and your crew are the only users, once cleaned the kitchen stays clean. All of your equipment, supplies, and utensils are stored in the mobile kitchen, eliminating the need to tote them back and forth.

Equipment and supplies

Rather than paying for a separate storage, or remodeling a room in the house or the garage to store cooking equipment and store supplies such as seasonings, everything has a place in the mobile kitchen.

Not only does everything have a place, but the staff at California Mobile Kitchens can also help you inventory what you need and make sure the kitchen is stocked when you receive it.
California Mobile Kitchens has kitchens in various sizes stationed at strategic locations throughout the United States. The kitchen you select can be delivered to you when you need it. The company also provides refrigerator and freezer units, giving you the ability to expand your services on a job-by-job basis. No need to invest in a refrigerated unit for a special event, just rent it for the time you need it. California Mobile Kitchens delivers and picks it up when the job is over.


The ability to offer catering services in a different way than the competition can give you an edge for growing your business. When you factor in the costs of equipment an supply storage, commercial kitchen rental, and the associated labor and travel costs, you may find that the savings over time is an investment in your business.

California Mobile Kitchens custom manufactures each kitchen to the customer’s exact needs. Whether you are leasing or purchasing, the company’s unique design provides you with the choice of over 1,000 pieces of food service equipment.

With more than 25 years of combined experience in food service, the company’s professionals help every caterer meet the greatest challenges and plan even the smallest details, all within your budget. Contact the company today.