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Mobile kitchens in Arizona are revolutionizing catering services

How a mobile kitchen can make Grandma’s recipe famous

How a mobile kitchen can make Grandma’s recipe famous

Everyone says it, “This tastes so good! You should make it and sell it!” Whether it’s a favorite holiday pie recipe, Grandma’s fudge, a secret for delicious smoked meat, or any number of tasty food recipes, the thought of sharing that special recipe with the public crosses everyone’s mind. Preparing and selling food from an Illinois mobile kitchen, or from a mobile kitchen anywhere in the United States just might be the answer.

A mobile kitchen is a self-contained vehicle with all the equipment and utensils necessary to prepare and serve food at any location. The mobile kitchens from California Mobile Kitchens (CMK) that are available in Illinois and throughout the United States, meet most health requirements for a commercial kitchen.

One of the biggest deterrents to getting Grandma’s recipe out there for the public to enjoy is the lack of someplace to prepare and serve the food. Most cities and counties have health and food service regulations that don’t seem to favor the small food producer, but a mobile kitchen is one way to meet those regulations and avoid the cost and logistics of renting a commercial kitchen and arranging transportation and food delivery services.

The benefits of mobile kitchens include:

  • Food preparation and cooking is done in the kitchen, on site. A refrigerator allows for perishables and any food that may be prepared ahead of time to be kept fresh.
  • A mobile kitchen takes the food to the crowd. Attend popular fairs and festivals as a food vendor or cater parties and gatherings in more rural areas. A generator needs can handle any power.
  • A mobile kitchen is a cost-effective way to explore the food and restaurant business without the commitment of signing a lease on a restaurant and investing in staff, furnishings, table settings, and utensils.
  • Illinois mobile kitchens from CMK can be leased, which helps keep start-up costs under control. Mobile kitchens from CMK are located in strategic places throughout the United States and can be delivered to any place in Illinois within a few days.

The principals at CMK, Carly and Tomas Medeiros, have more than 25 years providing food, dining hall, cafeteria, and catering services to several branches of the United States military. The staff at CMK works closely with customers to make sure the mobile kitchen is equipped for the job. The CMK 24-hour customer service ensures high-quality, uninterrupted support.

Illinois is packed with festivals that celebrate the Illinoisan food and lifestyles. There is always room for another tasty dish at the Horseradish Festival in Collingsville, or the Chicago Food Truck Festival. Fairs and festivals run pretty much year around and are full of hungry visitors looking for something new and tasty for lunch or a snack.

Contact CMK today to get your mobile kitchen on its way to you!