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Emergency Response Supported By Mobile Kitchens In Illinois

Mobile Kitchens in Georgia Fill Local Needs For Shared Community Kitchens And Emergency Services

Mobile Kitchens in Georgia Fill Local Needs For Shared Community Kitchens And Emergency Services

A California company is meeting the need for mobile kitchens in Georgia by providing kitchens and support units that can be quickly deployed for any need. The company, California Mobile Kitchens (CMK) has deployed mobile kitchens at strategic locations that can be delivered anywhere in Georgia when they are needed.

Mobile kitchens play an important role in helping culinary entrepreneurs launch or expand emerging food businesses. Depending on local regulations, mobile kitchens and refrigeration units can be one way of growing a new business and participating in Georgia’s $19 billion restaurant business. California Mobile Kitchens is able to deliver fully equipped mobile kitchens to help a small business grow to the next level and community food services reach the populations they serve.

The kitchens and additional mobile showers, refrigeration/freezer units and generators are essential for feeding survivors and relief crews in the aftermath of natural disasters. Georgia regularly faces natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes, severe storms, wildfires and floods. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), tornado activity across the U.S. during 2017 was above average. The deadliest tornado of 2017 impacted southern Georgia, causing over $100 billion in damage. By March 2018, six tornadoes had already touched down in Georgia.

Mobile kitchens in Georgia feed survivors and relief crews and are available to serve as temporary kitchens to help restaurants reopen for business as soon as possible and to help community food services continue to support those who rely on them. CMK is prepared to deliver fully equipped mobile kitchens, showers, refrigeration units and generators to any disaster relief area in Georgia.

The Georgia spirit is undaunted and Georgians celebrate their lifestyle with hundreds of festivals and fairs all during the year. Cultural events including music, performances and arts and crafts draw thousands. Georgians love to share and celebrate their world famous peaches and peanuts. There are even festivals for prize-winning stews and fried pies. CMK is proud to provide mobile kitchens to support the prize-winning food at any of these festivals.

More than 20 years in the food service industry that includes providing fully equipped mobile kitchens, refrigeration, showers, and generators for on-location film crews, military field exercises, and disaster relief crews gives California Mobile Kitchen a strategic edge. CMK is ready to meet the rapidly growing need for mobile kitchens in Georgia.

As a national leader in mobile kitchen solutions CMK’s 24-hour customer service provides appropriately equipped mobile kitchen and support units when and where they are needed.

Whether the need is for a commercial kitchen, community food service, disaster relief, serving food at one of Georgia’s famous fairs or festivals, or on location for a film, CMK is the nation’s most accessible, cost effective and customer oriented provider of mobile kitchens. We have mobile equipment stationed at various locations throughout the United States and match every project with the best equipment for speedy delivery to any location.

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