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How a mobile kitchen can make Grandma’s recipe famous

The role of mobile kitchens in emergency response

The role of mobile kitchens in emergency response

The destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Michael’s rampage through Florida emphasizes the importance of emergency response teams. Homes and commercial buildings were reduced to splinters, thousands of people were displaced and emergency response and rescue teams braved the hurricane to bring people to safety. As soon as it is safe, clean up and repair crews start restoring power and assessing and repairing the damage. Everyone, rescuers and rescued alike, need food, water, showers, and bathroom facilities. This is when support units and mobile kitchens in Florida serve an important role in safety and recovery.

The company, California Mobile Kitchens, provides mobile kitchens, refrigeration and freezer units, generators, and toilet and shower units. Mobile refrigerator and freezer trailer units arrive pre-wired and ready to use. Refrigerated trailer units are powered by a self-contained generator — leaving very few places that the company can’t supply refrigerator and freezer units.
California Mobile Kitchens is a Preferred Portable Toilet Rental Company offering a wide selection of quality portable sanitation equipment, upscale portable restroom and shower trailers, portable generators, and office trailers for emergency response headquarters.

Equipment is stationed at strategic locations throughout the United States and can be quickly delivered to evacuation sites, shelter sites, and crew camps. The CMK team works closely with government emergency response agencies, utility crews, and community relief organizations to make sure the mobile kitchens and support units are fully equipped to get the job done.
Mobile kitchens and support trailers come in sizes from 20 – 36 feet long for mobile kitchens and two sizes for refrigeration trailers.

Regular meals for frightened displaced people and hardworking relief crews go a long way towards restoring some sense of normalcy. Food nurtures the body, but it also provides a sense of community and connections that have been uprooted by an emergency. People gathered around food find comfort in each other’s company, they encourage one another and often form long-lasting friendships. Mobile kitchens for Florida emergency relief can offer survivors and relief crews much more than just food.

CMK mobile kitchens and support units offer:

  • Five-star catering and fully customized mobile kitchen services;
  • 24-hour customer service;
  • Nationwide, time-sensitive delivery;
  • Knowledgeable equipment experts who listen to each client’s specific needs and provide an equipment solution that is ideal for each situation;
  • Cost effective solutions for all your mobile kitchen needs;
  • Short and long-term kitchen leasing;
  • Support equipment available, such as refrigeration trailer, generator and more;

Contact CMK today to arrange delivery of the mobile units you need.