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The role of mobile kitchens in emergency response

The role of mobile kitchens in National defense training

The role of mobile kitchens in National defense training

National defense training is much more than what we think of as “war games.” War games or combat readiness training puts troops through warlike maneuvers that they would perform in combat. Defense training is a multiple agency preparedness exercises that exposes all levels of personnel from many branches of government to national disaster scenarios, including hostile attacks. Agencies that participate include the military, especially the National Guard, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security, and more.

Mobile kitchens for Georgia, play an important part in these exercises. Hundreds of personnel turn out for these exercises. Frequently local residents are hired to participate as actors in disaster scenarios. Field headquarters are set up. Field hospitals and medic centers are set up. All varieties of military vehicles, including helicopters and other aircraft, are employed, and all of the troops who are called to duty are provided camps, showers, tents, and meals.

The training is intense, with the hired actors playing the roles of citizens who are injured or killed during the simulated disaster. Mock urban environments are set up to mimic various situations. Realistic looking wounds are applied to the actors, who even have scripts to follow.

Everyone needs to be fed. The training can last up to a week or more.

Mobile kitchens from California Mobile Kitchens (CMK) play an important part in real natural disasters and in disaster training. These kinds of exercises and defense training are performed all over the United States. Mobile kitchens from CMK can be easily dispatched from strategic locations to provide mobile kitchens to Georgia during a natural disaster or to any place else.

Whether for a training exercise when national emergency response crews are practicing rescue and relief or during an actual national defense action, the troops still need to eat. The flexibility to deliver mobile kitchens, refrigerator and shower units, and generators to any location makes sure these teams are fed and their energy and morale are supported.

Mobile kitchens and support units serve survivors who are safe in evacuation areas and in communities where food services are not available. From boxed meals that can be distributed from central locations to hot meals served directly from the mobile kitchens, mobile kitchens can bring essential food services and comfort to emergency situations.

The co-owners of CMK have a combined 35 years in the foodservice industry. Co-owner Tomas Medeiros, Jr. has managed more than $35 million in food service contracts for government agencies. Medeiros has designed and managed dining halls, cafeterias and catered events for the US Army, US Navy, National Guard, and the Federal Aviation Administration and provided mobile kitchen services to disaster training exercises.

Contact CMK today to arrange delivery of the mobile kitchen or support unit that you need for any reason.